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VIP College Bound Program 
Class of 2025 & 2026

Assist your student in securing admission to a top university


It’s more competitive, more complicated and more expensive than ever.

Parents and students need the strategies, tools, advice and confidence to score acceptance letters from top universities—and get the $$$ money $$$ they may otherwise miss.

Suited 4 Success, led by Regina Robinson, an Award Winning Global Speaker, Amazon Bestselling Author, and College Admissions Expert, she has been helping parents and students navigate every step of the college process for over 15 years. 

Know what to do, get support from counselors, what to look for in colleges and what opportunities exist for financial aid using Regina’s strategies and mentorship that hundreds of parents and students have used to succeed.

Suited 4 Success is for the Parent who knows that applying to college can be complicated and competitive—and are willing to do all that it takes to provide their student with the resources needed.

Confidently prepare for the college process with expert step-by-step
guidance and mentorship

Applying and getting accepted to a top university isn’t the same as it once was.

Class Of 2025

Single Pay Option

10 Pay Option

Class Of 2026

Single Pay Option

15 Pay Option

When you enroll in the 
VIP College Bound Mentor program, 

you and your student will receive:

  • Support via our College Database - which houses every four year college in the United States

  • Support via pre-scheduled group/private zoom sessions to keep you on track and accountable

  • Initial family consultation (parent and student survey). During our session a roadmap will be created to assist students in successfully navigating the college admissions process

  • Support families in understanding their students academic profile 

  • Support students in navigating through the 4000+ colleges down to their final list of 5-7 well-rounded colleges

  • Support students in creating an academic resume 

  • Support students in creating/retrieving their recommendations from their counselor and teachers 

  • Support students in completing and reviewing their college/scholarship applications 

  • Support students in crafting a unique essay from start to finish for college and scholarship applications 

  • Support students in determining which test (SAT or ACT) best suits their testing needs after review of practice or official testing scores 

  • Support families in completing the FAFSA 

  • Support families in creating a road-map to visiting college campuses 

  • Support families in communicating with their high school guidance counselor 

  • Support students in making a final decision in choosing the right fit school they can call home for the next four years 

  • Emergency Calls where we coach you through challenges that arise 

Helping your student navigate their high school career in preparation for college isn’t something you have to do ALONE! Let me help you stay on track and capitalize on step-by-step guidance your family will find useful and confidence-inspiring.

Class Of 2025

Single Pay Option

10 Pay Option

Class Of 2026

Single Pay Option

15 Pay Option

This is how Suited 4 Success will be your student's unique advantage...


A. Banjo 

Frederick Douglass High School

Class of 2022

Ms. Robinson was instrumental in helping us navigate the entire college process and ensuring that our daughter was on target with important milestones, and deadlines. She was methodical, strategic in her approach, and readily accessible to answer any questions or address any concerns. (SAT, ACT, College research/visits, college applications/essays, scholarships, FAFSA, and much more.) As much as Ms. Robinson does not tolerate laxity or laziness, she is also very caring and relates with tender loving care. Her program makes college prep much painless and smooth sailing for us and our daughter. It is highly recommended. Thank you Ms. Robinson.

Taylor Beard

Arundel High School
Class of 2022

Ms. Robinson has been an overall blessing to my college admissions process. She's pushed me and has kept me grounded whenever I wanted to give up. She always reminded me about the light at the end of the tunnel. Without her and her continued support I wouldn't have met my goals within the college process. She's has always been more than a mentor to me, she's like a second mother. She's helped me network and invited me to events to be able to be in the same room with successful women of color, which has inspired me as I continue with my studies in journalism. Ms.Robinson overall has been the best to me and my family, and I can't wait to continue my journey with her through the college transition program.


Suited 4 Success has helped over 189 students get accepted into dozens of competitive programs, including the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, University of Maryland College Park, Johns Hopkins University, Howard University, Spelman College, George Mason University, Georgetown University, North Carolina A&T State University, New York University (NYU), Elon University and many more receiving scholarships and grants
in excess of $25 million dollars. 

Will your student be next?

Class Of 2025

Single Pay Option

10 Pay Option

Class Of 2026

Single Pay Option

15 Pay Option

Limited Spots Available!


Give your student the tools, confidence and help they need to secure a bright college future by working with Suited 4 Success 

Limited Spots Available!


As a member of HECA, I strictly adhere to their ethical guidelines. I do not guarantee admission to any institution, nor do I accept fees from any individual or institution for placement of a student. I do not write the essays for the students. I do not guarantee any scholarship money will be awarded. I do guarantee that I have the students’ best interest at heart and will guide them through the process with sound advice.

All sales are final.


All information pertaining to you, your student, and your family is maintained in the strictest confidence. This includes personal information, college selections, standardized test scores, grades, application materials, financial status, and fees paid. 

Parents need to know the ins and outs of college preparation because, let’s face it, applying for college has only become more complicated. 
With Suited 4 Success, you have the opportunity to give your student a unique advantage—to building a solid an incredible foundation for their education and career.

Enroll your student today in our VIP College Bound Program and receive Private, Small Group, Live, One-on-One, Coaching sessions with CEO, Regina Robinson. You get access to Regina Thinking, Creating and Working for YOU!   

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