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Empower Your College Journey: Transforming your Dreams into Dollars with Our Scholarship Membership

Welcome to the Scholarship Membership

for High School and College Students!

Are you worried about the rising cost of education?

Don't let student debt hold you back from achieving your dreams.

Our Scholarship Membership is your key to

unlocking a DEBT-FREE college journey.

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Say goodbye to hours of searching for scholarships –

we've done the hard work for you.

Here's why you should join the Scholarship Membership...

Access to Exclusive Scholarships

Our membership provides you with access to a curated list of scholarships.

Expert Guidance

Navigating the scholarship application process can be challenging. We are here to guide you every step of the way.

Financial Freedom

By securing scholarships, you can significantly reduce or even eliminate the need for student loans. Imagine graduating debt-free, with the freedom to pursue your career without DEBT.

Investment in

Your Future

Think of this membership as an investment in your future. By minimizing student debt, you're setting yourself up for financial success after graduation.

Don't let the fear of student DEBT limit your potential. Invest in your education and future success by becoming a member today. Take the first step toward a brighter, DEBT-FREE tomorrow.

Monthly Investment: $19.99

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Ready to unlock your scholarship journey?
Sign up now and pave the way to a DEBT-FREE college experience!

Monthly Investment: $19.99

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Early Family, Alexia Early,
University of Maryland-College Park

"My main reason for signing on with Ms. Robinson and her Suited 4 Success program for my high schooler was for the scholarship opportunities. I figured my small investment now, would be rewarded by huge college savings for us in the near future. Little did I know, that was just the icing on the cake. Ms. Robinson organized our journey from college searching all the way through the final decision, step by step, without skipping a beat. From the S4S portal, to matching my student with colleges that matched her interests, to college visits, college applications and essays, recommendation letters, FAFSA application, and so much more information than I have room to list. She is transparent, communicates promptly and professionally, and WILL push your student to maximize his/her resources available to them at their fingertips.  My daughter was accepted into all of the colleges she applied to, as well as received over $300,000 in college academic merit scholarships. We highly recommend this program.  The earlier you start, the better off you are."

Insight from our Suited 4 Success Shining Star…

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One quarter of the U.S. population - 70 million people - owe a collective $700 billion in student loan debt. Sounds like a lot, doesn't it? It is!

There are plenty of scholarships in fact billions of $$$dollars$$$ go unclaimed yearly. 

Joining the Scholarship Membership will give you monthly access to a list of scholarships.

Monthly Investment: $19.99

Insight from our Suited 4 Success Shining Star…

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When I first started my junior year in high school I knew the college process was rapidly approaching and I had no idea where to start. That’s when I remembered my friends knew a college counselor that could assist me through this long and hard process. When she made a visit to my high school English class I knew then and there I needed her help. She knew so much about the application process that I was unaware of that I immediately told my parents I wanted her help. She knew all the deadlines and sent so many scholarships and reminders to keep me on track. I admit her expectations were high but she knew I could handle it, with her help I got into the college of my dreams and was offered an academic scholarship! I’m forever grateful for all her help I couldn’t have made it here without her. Thank you, Ms. Robinson! I hope everyone reading this decides to be a shining star!

Endya Van Hook, 
North Carolina A&T State University

Get started today in funding your student's education. 

Monthly Investment: $19.99

Meet Regina Robinson

Regina Robinson, an esteemed International Speaker, CEO, Amazon Best-Selling Author, and Educational Coach, is renowned for her ability to captivate and empower high school and college students. With a unique blend of genuine inspiration, laughter, and practical principles, Regina has dedicated herself to sparking meaningful change within the educational field.


With a rich background in teaching, consulting, and coaching in the educational sector, Regina remains a guiding force for high school families navigating the complexities of higher education. She equips students with the confidence to align their vision with a strategic plan, offering step-by-step guidance in identifying resources and selecting a college that aligns socially, academically, and financially.

As a College Admissions Expert, Regina takes great pride in her role, and her initiative, Suited 4 Success, stands as a testament to over fifteen years of success, having assisted students in securing an impressive $25 million in grants and scholarships. Join Regina on the journey to educational empowerment and unparalleled success!

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America's #1 College Admissions Advocate

Monthly Investment: $19.99

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