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Welcome to the College Transition Mentor program dedicated to helping college students to not just survive but to thrive in their first year and beyond through mentorship in the following core areas... 

  • Navigating the Unknown (Academic Support & Personal Development) 

  • Discovering The Leader Within (Leadership Development)

  • Discovering Your Why (Career Development)

As your Mentor/Coach, I will serve as a resource as you navigate through challenges during your first-year college experience. The mentorship is designed to promote sharing and actionable advice in a collaborative manner to assist in ensuring you have the necessary tools, resources and support to enrich your academic performance in and out of the classroom.

We will work together to develop the necessary strategies to maximize the resources available to you at your selected school while focusing on these five critical areas:

Course Studies

Ensure student is on track in meeting their academic responsibilities.

Survival Skills

Ensure student maintains organization, successfully plans, prioritize workload, manage time between classes and socialization, and set yearly goals.


Ensure student is prepared to advocate for themselves in seeking resources, expressing their views and pursuing their interest.

Social Skills

Ensure student utilizes their communication skills in developing a relationship with their professors and classmates. 

Surviving Freedom

Ensure student successfully transitions into their home away from home wile balancing academics and social life. 

Some additional topics include:

Academic Progress & Advisement 

The importance of your course syllabus 

Getting involved in campus life