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Voices of Success: Testimonials from Our Thriving Families

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Reign Britt

Old Dominion University

Ms. Robinson helped me every step of the way during my college process. She helped me fill out my Common App application and my FAFSA. Suited 4 Success gave me guidance when I needed it. I will always be thankful for Ms. Robinson and her help throughout my stressful senior year

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Aniyah Williams

North Carolina Central University

Personally, it was a good experience and helped me out with applying and getting into college. Especially, with getting my college essays together and finding a school that was really for me. Ms. Robinson also helped with getting scholarships and completing the FAFSA. It was overall a good experience and I would 10/10 recommend.

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Lindsay Simmons

Spelman College

Suited 4 Success was a great resource for me, especially because Mrs. Robinson was an amazing help when I was writing college essays.

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Amija Coleman

West Chester University

I appreciated how patient Ms. Robinson was. I personally had a lot going on in my life that really refrained me from reality. I was down and I didn't really talk about any of my problems with anyone.  Besides the college and career help I received Ms. Robinson was a mentor and motivational speaker she treated us all like we were her own children. I thank her for everything!

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Janiya Nwosu

Towson University

Joining Suited 4 Success was probably the best decision that my parents and me made when preparing me for college. Ms. Robinson helped me figure out my college choices and supported me with my college essays, which is something I am very grateful for. I honestly believe if it weren’t for Ms. Robinson’s help my college application process would have been so much harder.

Constance Nwosu

Parent of Janiya Nwosu

We would have been lost without Suited4Success. Ms. Robinson took the fear out of the process from start to finish. My daughter was given help help with essays, school selection, financial aid, college visits and scholarships. I would strongly recommend this program if you have a student interested in going to college.

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Blen Alemayehu

Pace University

My experience with applying to college was REALLY stressful. I had no idea with what I was doing, and what the additional steps I had to take to be a priority candidate at my school. Mrs. Robinson provided guidance and helped enhanced my applications for them to be considered as top tier applications to the multiple schools I have been accept to. She also assisted me with exposure to scholarships, which have helped me with my academic success. It’s been a blessing knowing her and she will never disappoint.

Alemayehu Tessema

Parent of Blen Alemayehu

Words can’t describe the relief and gratefulness we have for Mrs. Robinson. She has done a wonderful job helping our baby persevere. She helped her reach her fullest potential, while showing both of us things that we didn’t consider or understand. Going forward with VIP College Bound program was one best decisions we have every made, and we are the luckiest people to have her help.

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Shaniya Phillips

Hood College

Suited 4 Success is a program that has helped me through the starting stages of my college career. Mrs. Robinson is always there for guidance and leaves empowering words that have helped me finish my high school year strong! I was very confused on how to apply for college, scholarships or how to fill out my FASFA form. Thanks to her, I feel prepared for the road ahead of me and I have gained confidence in what I need to do in order to be successful. This is a program that every student should experience. There are countless opportunities to network with others and as a student, I’ve learned how to be the leader of my own future.

Miss Brooks

Grandmother of Shaniya Phillips

This program should be more widely shared.  My student and I thought a college education was more a mirage than reality.  There is no way to find another program that encourages, fights for, assists in the development of a student from high school to college ready.  Suited 4 Success provides all of these and much, much more!

Mrs. Robinson fought every step of the way for my student. As a result, my student’s four-year college education costs me $0. Yes, Zero Dollars! Everything is paid for including room, board, fees at a Private College.  “Drop the Mic”.  I am at a lost for words!

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Samuel Standard

North Carolina A & T State University

The Suited 4 Success program has prepared me for college by keeping me organized in meeting all my deadlines. I also go into my dream school and I am very thankful to Mrs. Robinson and her program for the support. I 100% recommend this program to all who aspire to attend college it is worth it.

Amanda F. Standard

Parent of Samuel D. Standard

Suited 4 Success truly prepares students for the undergraduate structures that are in place to get into their college of choice. It prepares the parent for student's needs and allows us to know how to hold our students accountable for their own pathways into adulthood. Regina outlines the structure and holds the parent and students' feet to the fire in order to acquire whats needed to be ahead of the game. I appreciate Regina and Suited 4 Success and my son will be spending four years as an #AggiePride.

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Joyce Banjo

University of Maryland College Park

Ms. Robinson truly wants the best for her students and advises us in every stage of the college process so that we don’t go astray.

A. Banjo

Parent of Joyce Banjo

Ms. Robinson was instrumental in helping us navigate the entire college process and ensuring that our daughter was on target with important milestones, and deadlines. She was methodical, strategic in her approach, and readily accessible to answer any questions or address any concerns. (SAT, ACT, College research/visits, college applications/essays, scholarships, FAFSA, and much more.) As much as Ms. Robinson does not tolerate laxity or laziness, she is also very caring and relates with tender loving care. Her program makes college prep much painless and smooth sailing for us and our daughter. It is highly recommended. Thank you Ms. Robinson.

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Alexis Denny

University of Maryland College Park

At the beginning of the year I didn’t really want to join the group because I like being on my own schedule. However, after learning more about the program and attending a few meetings I quickly changed my outlook on it! This program helped me with time management and helped me remember deadlines. I recommend this program 1000%!

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Taylor Beard

Howard University

Ms. Robinson has been an overall blessing to my college admissions process. She's pushed me and has kept me grounded whenever I wanted to give up. She always reminded me about the light at the end of the tunnel. Without her and her continued support I wouldn't have met my goals within the college process. She's has always been more than a mentor to me, she's like a second mother. She's helped me network and invited me to events to be able to be in the same room with successful women of color, which has inspired me as I continue with my studies in journalism. Ms.Robinson overall has been the best to me and my family, and I can't wait to continue my journey with her through the college transition program.

2022 S4S Shining Stars.png
Tiffany Smith

North Carolina A & T State University

Ms. Robinson has made the challenging college application process easier for me. She not only went over each step of the process thoroughly but she also pushed me to complete and send in everything on time. Ms. Robinson made sure anything I sent to colleges were written to the best of my ability and with her help I was accepted to every college I applied to.

Brandon Halliburton_Flyer.jpg
Brandon Halliburton

University of Maryland Baltimore County

Applying to college is no joke, but with the help of Suited 4 Success I was able to excel in the process. I received help with my college essays, picking my schools, and applying to scholarships. When my friends were still thinking about where they should apply, I was already receiving acceptances and scholarships! I really appreciate Ms. Robinson and the Suited 4 Success program!

Alisa Halliburton

Parent of Jordan and Brandon Halliburton

Suited 4 Success did a wonderful job preparing my twin boys for the next step in their lives. I don't know how we would have done this without the help and dedication provided by Ms. Robinson. The services was on point every step of the way. Suited 4 Success provided positive and professional services throughout the entire process. We are forever grateful. The Halliburton Family...

Jordan Halliburton_Flyer.jpg
Jordan Halliburton

North Carolina A&T State University

Without Ms. Robinson I would’ve been lost in the college process. The process of applying to colleges was very confusing but, Ms. Robinson cleared everything up and helped me with every step. She also helped me stay organized by setting deadlines to get things done. This really helped me manage my time as I knew what to do and when to do it. By the time I was finished my college applications, my friends were just starting theirs. The Suited 4 Success program made applying to college so much easier.

Alisa Halliburton

Parent of Jordan and Brandon Halliburton

Suited 4 Success did a wonderful job preparing my twin boys for the next step in their lives. I don't know how we would have done this without the help and dedication provided by Ms. Robinson. The services was on point every step of the way. Suited 4 Success provided positive and professional services throughout the entire process. We are forever grateful. The Halliburton Family…

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Maiya Williams

Xavier University of Louisiana

I really enjoyed my experience with Ms. Robinson. I was able to get a lot of things done and she helped me stay on top of all of my college applications. I was able to make my applications the best and get through everything on time. I appreciate her help and everything she has done to help me through the college process.

Nicole Savage

Parent of Maiya Williams

Suited 4 Success was a blessing that helped my daughter and I stay on track with applying to colleges and scholarships. Ms. Robinson was always there to answer questions and help us along the way of this stressful college process. I want to thank her for her guidance and keeping Maiya on track from picking schools to the FAFSA to essays and applying to schools to choosing a final college during these COVID times. Her professionalism and commitment to the students and families was exemplary and worth the investment. My daughter was accepted to all 9 of the colleges she applied to and she received numerous merit scholarships from these schools. I am so grateful for Suited 4 Success and Mrs. Robinson. The Best investment for my child's future - which is to become a doctor one day.

Samiya Allen-Graham_Flyer.jpg
Samiya Allen-Graham

Savannah College of Art of Design

My name is Samiya Allen-Graham. I started the Suited 4 Success program in the beginning of my 12th grade year. Ms. Regina helped me tremendously with the college process. If I did not have her help with my essays, I know they would not be as great as they were. Everything I wrote or typed was proofread over and over again. Whether it was an essay or my resume, it was proofread by Ms. Regina. Because of this program, I was ahead of most of my peers when it came to applying to colleges. I had more time to focus on actual school and applying to scholarships. The Suited 4 Success program always kept me grounded on my goal of finishing the college process to the best of my ability. If you have that same goal, join this program! It will be the best decision you've ever made! Thank you, Ms. Regina Robinson.

Ninotchica Allen

Parent of Samiya Allen-Graham

Suited4Success has been a HUGE blessing to our family and an investment that has already passed its' value. We made every intention of navigating this college admission process on our own. I thought, "I can help my daughter since I have been through this before", but I was mistaken. The pandemic hit, life began to look vastly obscure and why would college admissions be any different. I thank God early on that I attended one of Ms. Regina's information sessions that caused me to lean in more for her help and enroll Samiya into her program. She made everything easy. She was prepared for a situation like this and saw us through every step of the way. The hours of research that Samiya and I were spending to gather information about colleges was cut by 95%. It was all in the S4S portal. At this point any research done is by provided instruction. This process has been tedious for Samiya because the responsibility was all on her and Ms. Regina. As a parent I was tasked with items throughout the process but not left out or alone. I would encourage anyone planning to send their child to college to check out the Suited 4 Success program. The lack of stress alone is well worth it but the REWARDS are far greater than you can imagine. Samiya has been accepted into 2 of her 5 schools already and has received 68K in scholarship money; it's only January. I am looking forward to our options in May.

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Kayla Hawkins

Virginia Commonwealth University

My experience with the Suited 4 Success program has been wonderful. Honestly I would be nowhere without it. My advisor, Ms. Robinson helped so much and has been a big support throughout my college journey. There were times I was unsure and overwhelmed about making certain decisions, Ms. Robinson was there to help me figure out my thoughts and make the right decision.

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Anthony Bryan Robinson II

Prince George's Community College

Overall the S4S program was great. You only experience the high school to college transition once and Miss Regina guided us the whole way through. The most helpful parts of the program were the FAFSA and the multitudes of college information. Her openness and quick response time made things easy and streamlined. Thank you so much for helping me through this tumultuous process. Sincerely, Anthony Bryan Robinson II

Mishawn & Anthony Robinson Sr

Parents of Anthony Robinson II

As parents of two children, we first thought the college admission process was a simple process that could be completed in a day or two. However, we were wrong about the entire process and completely overwhelmed by it all. Suited for Success was a blessing from heaven. She has helped both of our children. She showed them that planning and preparation would be the key to their success. She explained to them why it’s important to know which college and universities are best suited to meet their needs and wants. Those needs ranged from academic majors, affordability, and accessibility to things such as location, student to teacher ratios and more. Navigating the college admission process, writing outstanding essays, searching scholarships, completing the online FAFSA accurately and timely were done stress free due to the guidance and assistance of Mrs. Robinson. She is very resourceful, energetic, organized and reliable. She goes the extra mile to see that your child gets into the best college or university that meets their needs. With that said, we are truly grateful for all that Suited 4 Success has done for our family. We appreciate Mrs. Robinson’s devotion and commitment to our children’s education and success.

Gabrielle Jackson_Flyer.jpg
Gabrielle Jackson

Virginia Commonwealth University

This college process has been nothing short of amazing with Ms. Regina. She helped me through my college essays, scholarships, and so much more. Navigating the college is difficult but with Ms. Regina’s help my family was able to complete our FAFSA. Thank you Ms. Regina for all your help!

Shawnetta Jackson

Parent of Gabrielle Jackson

Suited 4 Success is answered prayer to parents navigating the college preparatory process. With Ms. Robinson’s help, my daughter has been accepted to over 21 colleges and universities. This program has made her senior year smooth and worry-free. I would recommend Suited 4 Success without hesitation!

Cheyenne Burke_Flyer.jpg
Cheyenne Burke

Virginia Commonwealth University

Overall I had a great experience in the Suited 4 Success college program. Being a full-time student, student athlete, working part-time and trying to navigate the total college application process, I became very overwhelmed at times. Ms. Regina was very flexible with our meeting schedules and really helped me get through the process and didn’t let me give up even though there were times I wanted to quit. I truly appreciate her help.

Jennell Burke

Parent of Cheyenne Burke

My husband and I are extremely pleased with Ms. Regina Robinson’s services and the Suited 4 Success program. She has done a great deal for our daughter and for us as a family. Regina made the whole process smooth and easy and helped alleviate a lot of stress. We could not have gotten through this whole process without her as the college application process has drastically changed from when my husband and I were college students (i.e. – paper applications and mail) to now with our daughter (i.e. - all electronic and digital).


Regina’s services helped our daughter to focus and make college selections that were a good fit for her. She also helped our daughter stay on track with her applications, writing her essays and resume, and obtaining recommendation letters. Also, the monthly correspondence that Regina sends to us parents and her students with scholarship and grant lists is invaluable as researching and looking for scholarships and grants is time consuming and a job within itself. The Suited 4 Success program is phenomenal and definitely worth the investment. Regina is an awesome mentor and counselor, and she will work hard with you and your student to ensure their success. We will be back again when it’s our son’s turn (high school class of 2024).


Again, thank you Regina for all you do and have done for Cheyenne.



The Burke Family

Alicia Musgrove

Virginia State University

Both of my girls participated in the practice ACT testing and the college tour with Suited 4 Success.  The VIP program is awesome! Ms. Regina made the process so easy.  She took the time to explain each step which allowed us not to stress. She kept Alicia focused and on a schedule which was perfect. Working with Ms. Regina also made her consider schools she may not otherwise considered.   

We are very happy that we invested in this program.  Thank you Ms. Regina for your time and support.

~The Musgrove Family

Imani Akil

Towson University

We first met Regina Robinson on a soccer field when both our daughters were on a county soccer team when they were in middle school.  At that time college seemed like it was so far in the distance, but now here we are in 2020, with both of our daughters less than 2 months away from deciding what college they will be attending.  It is a bit surreal.

The college application process has changed quite a bit from when we went to college.  Nothing was digital, there were more opportunities to obtain grants and scholarships and the process, though daunting was not as complicated as it is now.


What is the same is the fog that we are walking through when undergoing this process.  Then, just like present day, guidance counselors that supposedly went to college didn’t have the manpower to assist students with this journey.  Then, just like now-good grades alone didn’t quite seem to be enough to bring ease to the process. 


Both my husband and I are first generation college graduates.  Being that this was the case, we felt a bit more equipped for this journey when our son approached High School.  The process was overwhelming for us as well as our son who at the time was also an athlete.  So, in addition to constantly being on the college board sites to look up schools and requirements, deciphering  NCAA guidelines, having a son that was in sports so thick that it was a challenge for him to complete applications, and writing college entrance essays was enough to make our head spin!  On top of everything else there were the numerous college visits.  Both my husband and I had to feel our way through this new, never ending process that was 2 years in length while we were both were in very demanding jobs.


Ms. Robinson’s services has done a great deal for our daughter and for us as a family.  The day that my husband and I were scheduled to have a meeting to obtain further information about Suited4Success, my mother suddenly passed away and I was unable to attend.  Less than a year later, my mother in law passed as well and Ms. Robinson was extremely understanding of our situation and was very patient with us through the process.  We knew that it was going to be a challenge to be in the frame of mind to get our daughter through this process and my husband knew that we were going to need help.


Ms. Robinson’s services kept our daughter focused and on track with completing applications, reviewing essays as well as getting her to critically think of the schools that she wanted to attend.  For example; the size of the school, the majors offered, teacher student ratio, as well as location.  Working with Ms. Robinson also made her consider schools that she may not have otherwise thought of applying to and processed their offerings. 


This brings us to the College Tour.  The initial meeting to discuss the college tour led by Ms. Robinson was very   professional and organized.  She commanded the attention of the students and managed the parents involvement by clearly outlining what was needed and obtaining commitments right then and there!!!  No one had to guess or wonder!  The college tour was a seamless success in our eyes and we would highly recommend this to any family that has a child interested in going to college.


We would further recommend this program as a way to demystify the college process and to assist with keeping your children accountable and on track.


We also recommend where possible, to take advantage of Ms. Regina’s service starting in the 11th grade.  This will give you one whole extra year to take advantage of all of the wonderful services that Suited4Success offers.


Thank you Ms. Regina
~Akil Family 

Endya Van Hook

North Carolina A&T State University

When I first started my junior year in high school I knew the college process was rapidly approaching and I had no idea where to start. That’s when I remembered my friends knew a college counselor that could assist me through this long and hard process. When she made a visit to my high school English class I knew then and there I needed her help. She knew so much about the application process that I was unaware of that I immediately told my parents I wanted her help. She knew all the deadlines and sent so many scholarships and reminders to keep me on track. I admit her expectations were high but she knew I could handle it, with her help I got into the college of my dreams and was offered an academic scholarship! I’m forever grateful for all her help I couldn’t have made it here without her. Thank you, Ms. Robinson! I hope everyone reading this decides to be a shining star!
~Endya Van Hook

I vigorously searched multiple websites to get a jump start on trying to gather as much information as I could to assist my family with preparing my daughter Endya Van Hook for college.

I came across the Suited 4 Success website and noticed college tours were scheduled for the next few months.   I reached out to Ms. Robinson asking questions on how we can get more information on the College tours listed on the site.  She mentioned that she was hosting a seminar the following week to discuss the tour details.


After attending the seminar, I came home and told my wife I think I found our Guardian angel.   We immediately enrolled Endya for the upcoming tour, she was so excited!   She even told some of her classmates and they all joined her during spring break of their Junior year in 2019.


I must say this was the best investment that I could have ever made for my daughter.   With me and my wife’s busy schedule, Ms. Robinson’s detailed knowledge of the college application, selection process, the schedules for the SAT and ACT, scholarships and numerous other things we had no clue about aided us tremendously.  Her one on one guidance for my daughter and us made this process an easy dream come true.


After deciding on 10 colleges (Penn State, Temple Duke, UNC, FAMU, Xavier, NCCU, NC&AT, Bethune Cookman and Southern U).  My future doctor decided to attend North Carolina A&T fall of 2020 with a generous amount of funding.  Based on our experience I highly recommend the Suited 4 Success College Tour and the College Bound Program!

Again THANK GOD for Ms. Robinson and all the hard work she has done to make my daughter and all of the students/parents lives a dream come true.

Thanks for all of your help. 

~VanHook family

Christen Hawkins

Virginia State University

Listen, when you hear the phrase “action speaks louder than words,” I immediately think of Suited4Success.  My first instinct was I do not anyone to assist me in helping my daughter complete her college applications and apply for scholarships.  Then I started to think about a few friends who missed multiple deadlines for their children, and the process became overwhelming for them.  I immediately contacted Ms. Regina and signed up.
Suited4Success was everything for me!  All applications submitted on time, FAFSA was completed on time, a plethora of scholarships presented.  The most important aspect of the program is the students are held accountable for doing the work.  One thing I realized when the process became my daughters, she owned it.  Yeah, I had to push her along the way, but she did it. 
Words cannot express the gratitude I have for you and Suited4Success!  I recommend everyone gets involved early in your child’s junior year! You have been a blessing, not only to Christen but to me as well.
~Hawkins Family

Ashley Perry

Towson University

​The VIP College Bound Program is great! Ms. Robinson is just like your mom. Constantly sending reminders and harassing you to get everything done. She makes the whole college prep process easy because everything flowed and I wasn’t overwhelmed. By mid-November I was accepted by all of the colleges that I applied to. Out of all of my friends, I was the only one ready to submit my applications on October 1 while they were stressed preparing their essays and trying to get their recommendation letters. My principal said that she was impressed by resume and felt as if she knew me all of my life.
~Ashley Perry​

I have two daughters and both were enrolled in Ms. Robinson’s Student 4 Success VIP College Bound Program. Brittany was in the program from 2013-2015 and Ashley from the end of 2019 to now. Both my daughters said that this was the best program that I’ve enrolled them in and, trust me, they have been in numerous programs, workshops, etc. This program eliminated the stress of college tours, SAT and ACT prep, and preparing the essay to attach to the application. By August 1st of the senior year, your child should have accomplished the following:

• Complete college tours for your top 7 schools

• Resume, Brag Sheet, Labels, and recommendation request letters in a folder ready to be distributed to your guidance counselor and two teachers for distribution a week after the first day of school.

• Final stages of completing college application essay.

~Perry Family

Alexia Early

University of Maryland-College Park

​​Ms. Robinson truly saved all of my college applications. She is relentless and does not stop pushing each and every student until they reach their fullest potential. I would not have made it this far into the process without her expertise and guidance. Ms. Robinson also provided all of her students with endless resources and personalized care with the college process. I am grateful for going through this experience with Ms. Robinson.
~Alexia Early

My main reason for signing on with Ms. Robinson and her Suited 4 Success program for my high schooler was for the scholarship opportunities.  I figured my small investment now, would be rewarded by huge college savings for us in the near future.  Little did I know, that was just the icing on the cake.  


Ms. Robinson organized our journey from college searching all the way through the final decision, step by step, without skipping a beat.  From the S4S portal, to matching my student with colleges that matched her interests, to college visits, college applications and essays, recommendation letters, FAFSA application, and so much more information than I have room to list.  


She is transparent, communicates promptly and professionally, and WILL push your student to maximize his/her resources available to them at their fingertips.  


My daughter was accepted into all of the colleges she applied to, as well as received over $300,000 in college academic merit scholarships. 


We highly recommend this program.  The earlier you start, the better off you are.

~Early Family

David Black

Towson University

​Suited 4 Success is simply the best. Without the guidance of Ms.Robinson’s program my mother and I would be behind in the college process. Suited 4 Success will reduce stress.

~David Black

Jackson Greenleaf

​Morehouse College

The college process is very stressful, especially if you don’t have any help.  Ms. Robinson helped our family every step of the way.  She helped make this process go 100% smoother!  She is very knowledgeable and is an expert in the college process.  She made us feel comfortable and treated us like family which is very much appreciated! 


Thank you so much Ms. Robinson for helping us through this process



~The Greenleaf Family

Ethan Lane-Blake

Archbishop Carroll

Suited 4 Success truly helped me through the college experience. Ms. Regina is truly dedicated to helping students gain the necessary tools to succeed. She is loving and caring, while also very stern. In other words, she is all about getting the job done, correctly. When working with her, you must keep in mind that Ms. Regina gives and expects excellence from her students. Because of this high expectation, Ms. Regina is able to successfully get students through the college process. Yes, the road may have been hard and long but I truly believe that without Ms. Regina’s help I would not be attending Elon University in the Fall.

~Ethan Lane-Blake

Suited for Success High School senior program is fantastic. Regina Robinson is a phenomenal mentor and counselor. Ms. Regina worked tireless hours reviewing my son's resume, college applications, and scholarship essays. Many nights when my son fell behind schedule, Ms. Regina would call with words of encouragement. Not only was the counselor support exceptional, but the software program was positively magnificent. This software program kept my son organized throughout the college application process and me. I would recommend this program to any high school junior or senior. The cost is minimal compared to the benefits.

~Dorsey Family

Emma Adams

Randolph-Macon College

Regina and her Suited 4 Success program were the answer to my prayers!  My stubborn, anxiety ridden, teen was dragging her feet to get started with college applications and I wasn’t getting enough information from her private school. College is too important!  I didn’t want my child overlooked or left behind. I met Regina by chance at a local DC College fair. I knew instantly that her program was for us. You’re not alone in this process, it takes a village to raise a child and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

My daughter has received over $70,000 from the school of her choice. Thank you Regina for all that you’ve done to assist our family through this college process!!!
#proudparent  #classof2024

~Adams Family

Danielle Smith

Friendly High School

My name is Andrea Smith and I am the mother of a proud college student and participant in the Suited 4 Success program.  Ms. Robinson's program was a life saver for me and my daughter. As a parent who went to college several years ago, I had no clue where to start.  Also, with the challenges in my personal life of working full time, running a non-profit fundraising group and being the caregiver two seniors in my household I did not know where I would find the time to navigate the process. Ms. Robinson's college tour and Suited 4 Success program saved me and my daughter.


My daughter Danielle Smith got into every school she applied for except her reach school.  She was nervous at first so she kept applying to schools.  She was accepted into 15 different colleges and universities, with various scholarship offers.  She ultimately picked North Carolina Central State University, one of the schools on the S4S college tour.  Danielle thoroughly  enjoyed the college tour.  They presented themselves professionally both in the way they were told to dress and in the questions and interaction they had with the schools.  When my daughter took me to NCCU they remembered her from Ms. Robinson's college tour.


The best thing about Suited 4 Success for my daughter was the the help they gave with the application process and the separate college tour. The secret sauce to this program is this software program Ms. Robinson uses  to give assignments, navigate them through the college application process, build essays, keep them on track, monthly scholarships, and more. They met every deadline before it was due. She even helped the parents through the FAFSA process. I did not realize how much we were ahead of the game until now because I recently learned people are still navigating the FAFSA process.


I honestly could go on and on about Suited 4 Success, and the college tour provided by Ms. Robinson but to sum it up, the value afforded by her programs far outweighed the cost.  


I am sincerely thankful for the Suited 4 Success college prep program and college tour.  Both programs were truly a Blessing to our family.


Thank you!

~Smith Family

Shelomi Smith

Frederick Douglass High School Maryland 

My experience with Suited 4 Success really changed my high school career around. The program taught me about management and really made me a better student as a whole. It changed my mentality and put me on a better path to success.

~Shelomi Smith

Alexia Anderson

Stevenson University

I am so thankful for the Suited 4 Success program. The program helped me navigate and research through colleges easily. Ms. Robinson was a BIG help with helping me understand the college process and pushing me when I didn’t want to be pushed. Ms. Robinson, thank you so much for everything! I will never forget how much you helped me start this new chapter of my life. Thank you so much.

~Alexia Anderson

Suite 4 Success has been a Blessing. I am a single parent, head of household and was wondering if the program would be worth investing in for my daughter's future but after prayer, research, and budgeting, I made the decision enroll. I am so happy I made the decision to enroll my daughter in this program. The program put a lot of information at our fingertips that would have taken a lot of time and research to gather.  Ms. Robinson has been wonderful in guiding me as the parent. Ms. Robinson being a mother herself understood the struggle as a parent and knew exactly how to motivate my daughter to get where she needed to be in the college process. Thank you, Ms. Robinson so much for all that you have done for me and my daughter in making the start of this point in my daughter's life a successfully college path. I know many more students to come will benefit from the Suite 4 Success Program you are offering.

~Anderson Family

Shaliqua Naughton

Grace Brethren Christian School 
Class of 2019

Ms. Robinson has been a mentor throughout my entire college experience.

Before I started this college process, I was unknowledgeable in how to choose a college and the application process. 

Many families walk into the college application process unsure of where to start and how to proceed with applying for financial aid. 

Ms. Robinson addressed these concerns and walked us through the application process.

She made my next steps clear so there wasn’t confusion on what to do next. High school students should connect with Ms. Robinson so they can avoid the confusion like I did. I have now finished all of my college applications and have received acceptance letters from six universities. Now, I have narrowed my choices down to the University of Maryland College Park. Ms. Robinson is one of the best resources for obtaining victory over the daunting college process.

~Shaliqua Naughton

The college application journey with genius, expert, and coach, Ms. Regina Robinson was phenomenally rewarding!

The relationship with Ms. Robinson began with one single introductory presentation, which formulated into a spring break college tour and transcended into getting successfully suited with Suited4Success.  Ms. Robinson strategically embarked Shaliqua on a path for a successful process with solid coaching, which included, "the connection." She connected with her on all levels. This made her process very seamless, approachable, and, comfortable. 

The regularly scheduled individual and group meetings were very instrumental because Shaliqua was able to receive one-on-one coaching as well as group interaction.

Shaliqua often expressed how comfortable and happy she was with coaching throughout this very important part of her life.  The one-on-one coaching motivated her and made her comfortable with her personal process, while the group sessions demonstrated she and her peers were on the same pathway to college acceptance.  All of this summed up to my being very grateful to have met Ms. Robinson, as her authentic involvement with Shaliqua during this time was very helpful. She was very honest, transparent, serious, yet compassionate about her business of getting Shaliqua ready for college.  Using the concepts and practicalities outlined her book, Winning the Game of College Admissions, she meticulously navigated shaliqua and me through the college application, admissions, and financial aid processes. The book served as my "go-to" reference when I sought clarity on the "when" and "how." As a result of reading this book and experiencing the benefits of Suited 4 Success, Shaliqua began the college application process early in the school year and received her first college acceptance letter the first week in November and her fourth acceptance letter the first week in December.  Overall, she was accepted to all seven colleges and universities to which she applied. Being connected to Suited 4 Success and having this book as a guide positively impacted her confidence in the process. Once she submitted her last college application, I overheard her saying to someone, "I don't know how I could have done this without Ms. Robinson."  I thought to myself, "Oh, really?" However, I knew that was her experience-that Ms. Robinson was her "process partner." The final conclusion for Shaliqua was 100% acceptance, and the victory for properly being suited for her success was her acceptance letter from the University of Maryland College Park! Applying early gave her an opportunity to enroll early and get an early-in experience that would shape her fall enrollment and her next four years. Thank you, Ms. Robinson, for your expertise, authenticity, and compassion for ensuring young adults understand, embrace, and appreciate the college application process! We could not have done it without you! 

~Naughton Family

Marcy Bowers

Grace Brethren Christian School  

Class of 2019

College, is supposed to be the most exciting time of your life.... meanwhile as a high school Senior, I couldn’t even begin to think of how to start preparing for my new life journey. College applications, costs of senior year, the costs of college, and figuring out where I wanted to go made my head explode. Then the unthinkable happened, a week before school started I was blessed; yes blessed, to be in a car accident. Although the accident could have been worse, it did a great deal of damage both mentally and physically. My family wasn’t going to let all of my hard work throughout my high school career go to waste, something had to be done. Little did I know, my guardian angel was sent to a Senior meeting. With her determination to see me strive and push the potential out of me that the car accident had taken away, Mrs. Robinson spent countless hours testing my comfort zones. If it had not been for her tough love and relentless will for me to succeed, I would never have found the perfect match; the school for me, Cedar Crest College.

~Marcy Bowers  

Mrs. Robinson was by far the best investment that I could have ever made for my child during her entire high school career. Many circumstances arose that seemed to cripple my daughter and our family. With Mrs. Robinson's guidance and support throughout this entire process, my dreams for my daughter and more importantly her dreams for herself were able to be accomplished. I am proud to say that my daughter will be attending Cedar Crest College as a double major in both Psychology and Social Work! Thank you, Mrs. Robinson! 

~Butler Family

Michael Brooks

Grace Brethren Christian School  

Class of 2019

When I was in 9th grade, I didn’t think I was going to graduate. By 11th grade, I was on track to graduate. However, I felt college acceptances were out of the question because of my Freshman and Sophomore year grades. However, that is when I met Ms. Regina. She took me on her college tour and when I returned home, I was ready to become her student. She helped me get numerous scholarships outside of colleges so I wouldn’t have to worry about gaining money from colleges. She also pushed me to stay on track academically so I could pull up my GPA and qualify for more scholarships. I went from a 2.3 GPA Freshman year to a 2.9 GPA my Senior year. Not to mention the school year isn’t over yet. And I can only thank Ms. Regina for it all. In the fall of 2019, I will be heading off to Norfolk State University to study Music Education.

~Michael Brooks

Without question, one of the best choices my husband and I made for our son was hiring Suited 4 Success!

We had some knowledge of the whole college application and selection process, but did not feel confident that we would be able to adequately guide our son through it to a successful end. When we met Ms. Robinson, we knew we were in great hands. We received the tools, the questions to ask, and the advice necessary to make the best choices for us. We explored nearly 10 colleges, some he chose, some Ms. Robinson recommended. After thorough research and guidance, my son settled on a college that we all agree is a great fit for him. Additionally, Ms. Robinson provided plenty of information on possible scholarships and opportunities to take the SAT and ACT.  We have no regrets and highly recommend Suited 4 Success!

~Brooks Family

Ebony Brockman

Charles Herbert Flowers High School

Class of 2019

Suited 4 Success really helped me with the college application process. I received monthly scholarships to fill out, help on my essays, and submitted all my applications beforetime. Ms. Regina gave me great advice and guidance along the way. Before S4S I was worried about how to navigate the college admission process since I had no idea what steps to take first. Thanks to Ms.Regina, I got accepted into my top college with scholarship money! In the fall of 2019, I am heading to study Nursing at Stevenson University! 

~Ebony Brockman

The Suited 4 Success program has been invaluable. Ms. Robinson guided my daughter through the entire college application process, which can be very stressful.  With Ms. Robinson’s knowledge and expertise the process was not overwhelming. Ms. Robinson ensured that due dates and deadlines were met. As a result, my daughter submitted all six of her applications before the early action deadlines. I am proud to say that my daughter has been accepted into the colleges of her choice, with scholarship money. I highly recommend the Suited 4 Success College Tour and the College Bound Program.

~Brockman Family

Myles Anderson

Riverdale Baptist School 

Class of 2019

The Suited 4 Success Program has been a blessing to me. Ms. Robinson has been AWESOME throughout the entire college application process. I don't know how I would have made it through without her. It started with the college tour which helped expose me to colleges that I otherwise would not have seen. The help provided with my college essays,  the application process and meeting deadlines was right on point. My mom went out of town for a period of time during application filing and Ms. Robinson never let me miss a beat. Thank you Suited 4 Success for all your help!! In the fall I will be attending Bowie State University! I am proud to attend Ms. Robinson's alumni.

~Myles Anderson

Marcus Wilson 

Henry E. Lackey High School 

Class of 2019

As I approached my senior year of high school i realized I needed help navigating the college admissions process. Entering the process I was unsure what I wanted to study or where I wanted to attend college. My mother found out about Suited 4 Success college bound program and signed me up. My experience with Ms. Robinson was fantastic!! Words can’t explain how much she helped me with the college process. If you need help with college and finding out what’s best for you, I suggest Ms. Robinson she is great!!! I will be attending College of Southern Maryland in the fall 2019 to study Music Production.

~Marcus Wilson 

DuVal Harrell

Bowie High School 
Class of 2019  

At first I was complacent and thought I had everything under control, until I met Ms. Robinson. I had the good grades, but I was incompetent with the process to get to the next stage in my educational journey. Fortunately, my smarts and versatility was not wasted as God sent me Ms. Robinson who guided me down the right path. I would have been stressing and struggling, instead now I am instilled with the tools for controlling my future. Not only did Ms. Robinson guide me, she did it with a caring parental mindset. If you are a high school student like me who needs assistance with navigating the college admissions process you want to enroll in Suited 4 Success College Bound Program with Ms. Robinson. In the fall of 2019, I will be a future Terp at the University of Maryland College Park Robert H Smith School of Business.

~DuVal Harrell


Our Family, The Harrell’s, found Ms. Robinson’s services to be invaluable. My husband and I would not have been able to assist our son DuVal in the same manner as Ms. Robinson.  She shared her knowledge and resources regarding deadlines for college applications and on a monthly basis provided scholarship information. Ms. Robinson encourages families to work with her as the common goal is to get our scholars into college as smoothly as possible. She becomes a part of your family. Please listen to her and follow her instructions. You will not regret it. Thank you Ms. Robinson. The Lord has given you a precious gift. Please continue to use it and spread it around. 

~Harrell Family

Nathan Butts  

Grace Brethren Christian School  

Class of 2019

​To be honest, I never really took school seriously my first two years of high school. I was always goofing off and thinking that something was better and that college was in the very distant future. However, all of that changed one night in January of my junior year. Ms. Robinson came to my school to conduct a workshop for our Junior parent night on Winning The Game Of College Admissions. That night I started moving in full gear towards college. And Ms. Robinson was right there with me. She was there for me to bounce ideas off of as well as push me to follow through with all my assignments. She took a lot of stress away from my parents and helped me to understand that it was important for me to drive my own college process. I could never thank Ms. Robinson enough. In the fall of 2019 I will be heading off to Temple University majoring in Film and Theater! 

~Nathan Butts  

Jenny Le

Class of 2015

Prince George's Community College

When my mom first told me she hired someone to help me with college I found the idea to be relieving but a waste of money. After meeting Ms. Regina I realized that preparing for college was hard than I thought. I first had to write my college essays which was so awful for me considering I felt no topic was good enough. During my months of meeting with Ms. Regina to choose colleges and schedule my testing, I realized I was lucky to have her. She pushed me to give my best and remain on top of things; never was there a time to slack off. Even though the constant reminders to be on top of my priorities irritated me, I was happy to have someone there to help me. I appreciate eveything she did to help me on my road to success.

~Jenny Le

Janae Johnson

Class of 2015

University of Pittsburgh

Being a part of the Suited 4 Success Program was very beneficial to me. Ms. Robinson truly takes the time to try and get to know her students so that she can guide them into making the best choices for themselves. Before joining the program, I believed that I could handle the whole college application process by myself but after sitting down with Ms. Robinson I realized that was not the case. With Ms. Robinson I was able to discover schools that were right for me that I otherwise would not have looked at and I was able to eliminate schools that I was unsure of after learning more information on them that Ms. Robinson provided. Although I sometimes tend to be indecisive and a little stubborn, Ms. Robinson stayed on top of me making sure I met my deadlines and checkpoints in order to get my applications in as early as possible. One thing I truly appreciate is having the opportunity for someone to look over my applications and essays. When it comes to reviewing applications you really do need an outside opinion other than your parents to make sure you are putting your best representation out there. With Ms. Robinson, not only did I have an outside opinion, I had the opinion of someone who took the time to know me and who wanted me to succeed. Without Ms. Robinson’s help I do not think I would have received as many scholarships as I did, including two full ride scholarships, one to the University of Maryland-College Park and one to the University of Pittsburgh. For that reason I would like to thank Ms. Robinson for all that she has done and I would like to thank my mother for getting me involved in this program. 

~Janae Johnson


I was glad my husband and I attended the Suited 4 Success college workshop. We were new and very naive about the preparation and process for college. We were interested in getting applications in on time and gaining information on scholarships, grants and financial aid. I decided the Suited 4 Success program would help our daughter tremendously. With someone else working with her on the deadlines, her eight applications were in before the due dates. We started hearing back from colleges in November. I am very proud of my daughter, she has received money from six of the eight colleges already and it's just the beginning of February. 

~Johnson Family

Kyra Davis

Class of 2015

Widener University

Even though I came into the Suited 4 Success program later than most, I was eager to find the college of my dreams. In the program I felt supported physically through essay help and one on one time, and mentally through words of encouragement. Ms. Robinson is experienced in all aspects of the college process from beginning to end. Overall this was worth every cent, I am overjoyed to start at the college of my dreams in a few weeks!

~Kyra Davis

Sierra Casimir

Class of 2015

McDaniel College

When my mother first told me that she was going to send me to a college planning program, I groaned immediately. However, today I am very appreciative that she gave me this opportunity. Not only did I successfully meet early college application deadlines, but with the assistance of a very kind and encouraging supervisor. Although the experience was a little strict and demanding, the Suited 4 Success Program was very helpful in preparing me for the college process.

~Sierra Casimir

Taking my child to Suited 4 Success was the best thing I ever did for her; as far as preparing for college.  Ms. Robinson helped Sierra choose a college that suits her, assisted with her FAFSA and Financial Aid, and helped her write great essays. The ways she guided my daughter in the right direction are endless. Ms. Robinson was just a phone call away even after graduation. Words can’t express how satisfied and thankful I am to have been exposed to Suited 4 Success. I highly recommend Suited 4 Success to anyone who wants their children to make a choice that suits them and their families.

~Casimir Family

Chad Johnson

Class of 2015

High Point University

Suited 4 Success has truly helped me in preparing for college.  Ms. Robinson not only assisted me in selecting Universities, she also gave great advice and guidance. She helped conduct research on University applications as well as pushed me to create astounding essays. By connecting with me and sharing her experiences, she motivated, educated, and prepared me to enter the next chapter in my life. Ms. Robinson made the college application process 1,000 times easier than it would have been without her.  She continues to assist and give me advice even after my acceptance and enrollment into High Point University. I am truly grateful to what she has done for me and I may not be where I am today without her.

~Chad Johnson

S4S was a great assistance in preparing college applications, conducting assessments to determine what colleges were best tailored for my child’s learning style. Ms. Robinson provided Information on financial aid and stressed searching for opportunities for scholarships and money for college. She developed a relationship with our son which included frank and honest communication therefore enabling our son and us to receive an unbiased opinion and assessment of the colleges that are best suited to ensure our son is put in the best position to attain his future goals.  In addition, after our son was accepted into the school of his choice, Ms. Robinson assisted with guidance for taking his freshmen college classes and strategies for time management throughout his college experience.

~Johnson Family

Aminata Jaffa

Class of 2015

George Mason University

Suited 4 Success really helped me with my college applications. Prior to this program, I had the slightest clue about how the college application process worked. Thanks to Ms. Robinson, she gave me a step-by-step breakdown on what materials I needed for all my colleges. Not only did she help me apply for college, she also edited the essays I wrote for my applications to ensure they were my best work. She also taught me how to correctly apply for FAFSA, a tool that I’m going to need when moving forward in my college career. I will be attending George Mason University in the fall. It was one of the top schools I really wanted to attend. Thank you Ms. Robinson and the Suited 4 Success program.

~Aminata Jaffa

Malik Murray

Class of 2015

Widener University

Getting ready for college was an extremely stressful process. My grades were above average, but I can honestly say that Ms. Robinson was the main reason that I am currently enrolled into a University. She constantly made sure that I did everything necessary to be successful. I definitely recommend this program to all High School students; especially seniors. Parents: if your child feels like they don’t need a program like this, make the conscious decision to sign them up like my grandmother did. Ms. Robinson will make sure they get into college.

~Malik Murray


I had such a difficult time with my oldest grandson in the college application process; I knew I needed help this time around. Ms. Robinson was a heaven sent. She helped me stay on Malik with all the things we needed to accomplish in a timely manner.  Everytime I called her, she would always promptly return my calls. She was always willing to help. I had invested into this program with the funds that I planned to go on a cruise with. It was worth every penny.

~Murray Family

Lindsay Mack

Class of 2015

Allegany College

Being a part of the Suited 4 Success program played a major role in my life. In the beginning I didn't understand the importance of my high school grades. It wasn’t until my junior year that I realized how important high school really was. I’m very thankful to have met Ms. Robinson of Suited 4 Success at the end of my junior year. The S4S program helped me gain a head start in the college process as well as put me ahead of my peers.

So many students depend on guidance counselors to guide them on the right path to choose the right college for them. I had an advantage because without Ms. Regina, I would not be in the place I am right now. I realized that I could have done a lot better in my high school career. Even though that is in the past, I know it plays a role in my life. If I had only knew the things Suited 4 Success taught me in 8th or 9th grade, I believe my high school experience would have been different. I am excited to have the opportunity to attend college. Thank you so much Ms. Regina for all of your help!

~Lindsay Mack

Suited 4 Success was a great tool for my family.  It gave Lindsay a jump start on the college process. Regina Robinson is a great leader, mentor, and positive role model for any student that wants to attend college.  I highly recommend the Suited 4 Success program to all students.  It’s worth the experience and tools!

~Mack Family

Simone Smith

Class of 2015

University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Being in the Suited 4 Success program has been a great experience. I am so glad and very grateful that I was able to meet Ms. Robinson and work with her to help me plan for college.  This program helped me become more organized and made me understand just how important my goals are.  I think the biggest impact this program taught me is that if I put in the effort and work hard for what I want then I will succeed.

~Simone Smith

The SUITED 4 SUCCESS COLLEGE PLANNING SERVICES is an incredibly helpful program. As parents, it was a big relief not to have to do all the research on the numerous colleges and universities that offered the academic program our daughter was interested in. This service allowed us to focus on a select number of schools and not feel so overwhelmed in trying to help our daughter chose the best one. This program also provided additional contact with organizations that provide assistance/training for the SAT and the ACT along with scholarship information. The Suited 4 Success Program was a great help to our family. It is truly a worthwhile investment for families that need guidance in the college selection process.

~Smith Family

Alyia Williams

Class of 2015
Delaware State University

Suited 4 Success helped me prepare for my future. Ms. Robinson was always there to provide assistance for whatever I needed.  She made sure I stayed on top of college deadlines and helped me stay organized. Without her I don’t think I would have gotten into my top three colleges. She brought a lot of amazing people into my life to assist me with SAT and ACT preparation. She has been there through the whole applications process. I know I can always come to her if I need help with anything. I will be attending Delaware State University and Ms. Robinson is to thank for that. She truly is a blessing and I thank God for her everyday.

~Alyia Williams

Suited 4 Success not only provided my daughter  the best opportunity to get into college, but also gave her the confidence that she needed to fulfill her senior year and college acceptance requirements. Upon meeting with Ms. Robinson during the introductory session, she was able to access my daughter’s strengths and weaknesses.  In doing so, she developed a plan of action that allowed her to successfully complete her senior year and apply for colleges. She also recommended a wonderful tutor that helped my daughter achieve the SAT and ACT scores needed for college acceptances.  The end result from participating in the Suited 4 Success Senior Counseling Program was my daughter being accepted into three colleges.  She is excited about her future and is much more organized and confident than when we started the program.  We are truly grateful for Ms. Robinson and the Suited 4 Success Program.

~Williams Family

Rianna Kinard

Class of 2015

Cedar Crest College

Suited 4 Success was a great experience for my family and I. It helped me get a better understanding of which colleges best suited Rianna. Ms. Robinson did an outstanding job. She took the time out to work with me 24/7. I could call on her for anything. She showed me how to take something good and make it great. I learned how to maximize my scores on the SAT and ACT. She encouraged me to do my best in everything I do. Ms. Robinson made my senior year the most memorable and easy year of my high school career. With her assistance, I am able to attend college with no hassle. She is truly a blessing and I am grateful to have her in my life.

~Rianna Kinard

Working with Suited 4 Success has been phenomenal. Prior to meeting Ms. Regina Robinson, my family and I didn't know where to begin with the college process. Although we had made a list of potential schools my daughter would be interested in attending, that was just the beginning. After using the services, we knew how to look for colleges my daughter could realistically get into as well as what to look for and ask when visiting colleges. Additionally, Suited 4 Success helped us through each step of the college search and application process. We even received a list of scholarships that were available. The hands on assistance we received made the college search less stressful and intimidating. Furthermore, whenever we were unsure about a process or anything related to the colleges, Ms. Robinson was available and very knowledgeable about many subject matters. If she didn't know, she gave clear advice and direction on how to approach the schools with questions. I can definitely say the services provided were well worth the cost. The value of services, information and coaching we received undoubtedly supersedes the cost of the program. I definitely would recommend the program to everyone I know and I would encourage them to start the program in their freshman year of high school to maximize the benefits.


Brittany Perry

Class of 2015

Towson University

Registering my daughter for Suited 4 Success was one of the best decisions I have made. Ms. Robinson walked Brittany through the entire college planning application process and assisted with her common app and non- common app essays. The folders that were submitted to the teachers with all pertinent information for them to prepare their recommend letters was great! My daughter was accepted into every school that she submitted an application.

~Perry Family

Alexis Wallace

Class of 2015

Morgan State University

I can't believe how fast these last two years have flown by for Alexis. I would like to thank S4S for exceptional service. Ms. Robinson made the college process less stressful for us. Her workshops, newsletters, boot camps, one on one sessions truly blessed us. As a result, Alexis was accepted to the colleges of her choice. In addition, she received scholarships to help the high cost of her education.

~Wallace Family

Christina Robinson

Class of 2014

High Point University

Suited 4 Success is an excellent program that assists high school students with the college application process. Before I was introduced to the program, I was really nervous about my senior year being overwhelmed with homework, projects, and my grades; on top of the college process. It was scary preparing for the SAT and ACT all while researching colleges and their prerequisites. I was so stressed, until Ms. Robinson stepped in and helped me stay on track; she relieved much stress for both me and my parents. We communicated almost every day during the process. She helped me on my applications, essays, and even on the ACT and SAT. I honestly do not believe I would have gotten into my first choice college High Point Unvieristy without her help. The best decision I ever made was joining the Suited 4 Success Program, and I truly believe it can help any student who needs help and wants to have a bright and successful future. 

~Christina Robinson

Suited 4 Success is the greatest companion you could have when going through the college application process.  The process can be extremely daunting and stressful navigating through countless college profiles to locate the school where your child will thrive and be successful requires concentrated effort and an investment of hours of research.  With busy school and work schedules, having hours upon hours of time to devote solely to this endeavor was a luxury that we just did not have. With Ms. Robinson at the helm, the Suited 4 Success team simplified and distressed our adventure through the college and scholarship application process, or should I say “the essay nightmare” process. Do not be misled, commitment, effort and input from the student and parent are required, but in the end Suited 4 Success proved to be an invaluable resource throughout the entire process.  It was like being handed gifts all along the way.  I am positive that without the help of the Suited 4 Success team, we would not be as confident about our final college choice where we know Christina will thrive and be successful. WE LOVE MS. ROBINSON & SUITED 4 SUCCESS!!!

~Robinson Family

Tyler Green

Class of 2014

Pringe George's Community College

The Suited 4 Success program is one of the most helpful educational programs I have ever been enrolled in. I would recommend the program to all high school students in the United States. The program is run by one of the most positive, patient and caring women I have ever met, Ms. Regina Robinson. Ms. Regina helps over 100+ high school students yearly prepare for college life. Being a part of the program since my junior year; I learned new test taking strategies, organization and the importance of being ready. I cannot thank Ms. Regina enough for everything she has done; she is the best!

~Tyler Green


The Suited 4 Success program is AWESOME!!!! My son has always known he was going to attend college but didn’t quite understand the process. Ms. Regina walked him through everything; SAT/ACT registrations, college essays, resume building and college research and applications. When I say EVERYTHING I mean EVERYTHING!!!  Her attention to details and dedication to excellence ensured that my son met all of his college and personal goals. As a parent, you can become overwhelmed; but Ms. Regina walked me through it all and provided valuable information in the financial aid process, scholarships and more. As a parent, you want the best for your child and the Suited 4 Success program is the BEST!!!

~Green Family

Dominique Gay

Class of 2013

Howard University

I am very thankful for everything I learned in Suited 4 Success. Being forced to write some of my essays for college in the summer boot camp really cut down some of the stress I felt when applying for scholarships. I felt that any question I needed answered was able to get answered. Ms. Robinson was extremely accessible when it came to revising my essays. I would recommend Suited 4 Success to any rising senior in a heartbeat. Thank you for everything Ms. Robinson in the fall I will be heading to Howard University!

~Dominique Gay


I can’t say enough for the professionalism that Ms. Robinson has displayed in aiding and guiding my daughter through this college application phase of her young life.  She made it her point to be available whenever Domonique ran into a small road block. I want to be very clear here that Ms. Robinson did not do any of the essays that were required for each college or scholarship application for my daughter nor did I expect her to do it. She made my daughter accountable for meeting deadlines (something that we as parents know very well). There is so many positive items that I could say about this program but it will fill up this whole page. If you are a parent and wondering if you should invest your time or money in this program – Just realize I was where you are now months ago and I am ecstatic that I made the decision and I know you will too. I would like to personally thank you Ms. Robinson for all that you have done for our family. 

~Les Gay Family

Kiara Williams

Class of 2013

Tennessee State University

I am so blessed to have found a flyer in my school for Suited 4 Success. Every college preparatory program Suited 4 Success offered prepared me for; college essays, deadlines, SAT/ACT testing, scholarships, the application process and college visits. Ms. Robinson’s calls and emails played a huge part in keeping me organized. With Ms. Robinson’s help and support, I will be attending my top school on a full ride in the fall; Tennessee State University.

~Kiara Williams

My experiences with Suited 4 Success through their college tours, summer boot camp and senior one-on-one counseling sessions was very positive. Ms. Robinson worked with my granddaughter from beginning to end. Ms. Robinson has high expectations for our children’s potential and will not settle for less. When Ms. Robinson nominated Kiara for the Harlem Renaissance scholarship and she was awarded $1,000.00, Kiara was ecstatic. No amount of accolades would do Ms. Robinson justice for the commitment and compassion she has for her program and our children.

~Akridge Family

The Hayes Family

Class of 2013

University of Maryland College Park

What an amazing experience we have had working with Suited 4 Success.  Ms. Robinson worked with my daughter from the beginning to the end of the entire process with;  college applications, follow-up with SAT and ACT test dates, and final college selection.  She took the time to get to know my daughter, and developed a method of working with her that was comfortable and productive.  My daughter loved the whole experience, enough to write her college application essay on her experience with Ms. Robinson.  Even after the college acceptances were in, she continued to assist us in making the final decision to attend University of Maryland College Park. She is just what I think college-bound teens need. I highly recommend Suited 4 Success; I don’t know how we would have made it without her.

~The Hayes Family

Brandon Shields

Class of 2013

Virginia Commonwealth University

I have a history of struggling with procrastination and my writing skills. Ms. Robinson has helped me overcome my challenges and many more. I was able to be accepted to eight colleges and universities. Ultimately, it was very difficult to make a final decision on which college I wanted to attend but came to the decision to enroll in Virginia Commonwealth University to study Graphic Design. Her services were comforting and very appealing for all high school students. I would recommend Suited 4 Success to any student who plans to attend college in the future or even those who may start their career early.

~Brandon Shields

Barry Raynor

Class of 2012

Frostburg State University

I would have been lost without Ms. Robinson; she truly knows her stuff! The Suited 4 Success program helped me come to a conclusion in choosing the right fit college and major. From the beginning of my experience I could see that everything was extremely structured and I was not just a number. I was given step-by-step personal sessions on what I needed to do in the application process. The program opened my eyes to a multitude of institutions through research and college visits. Ms. Robinson helped me not only in find a school, but a home. In the fall I will attend Frostburg State University with a major in Athletic Training. Thank you, Ms. Robinson! I appreciate everything that Suited 4 Success offered me!

~Barry Raynor


Let me first say that I would not have been able to get through this process without the Suited 4 Success program. Ms. Robinson guided our family step by step through the college admissions process. My son participated in the following S4S programs: college tours, summer college admissions boot camp and the senior counseling program. These programs allowed him to be ahead of the game. Ms. Robinson views and treats all the students as her own. She lends her support to both the parents and students beyond all expectations. Ms. Robinson is very passionate about the information and service she provides her family and community. I cannot give Ms. Robinson enough accolades about her services. I strongly recommend her services to everyone.

~Belton Family

Aszia Burrell

Class of 2012

University of Maryland College Park

My experience with the Suited 4 Success College Preparatory program was one of the best. Ms. Robinson was always so helpful and very adamant about me ceasing all opportunities. Ms. Robinson’s transparency about her alumni; which was the same college I always wanted to attend was very helpful. Even though I was not accepted, she taught me there were other college environments that would suit me. Therefore, I will be attending Trinity Washington University in the fall with 97% in scholarships and grants. Without Ms. Robinson assistance, I would not have accomplished this much. I thank God for her because she really is a helpful and loving spirit that loves to see students excel. I would recommend her services to everyone. Thank You Ms. Robinson for walking with me and guiding me! Love you!

~Aszia Burrell

I want to first elaborate on my experience as a parent of the Suited 4 Success program. Ms. Robinson was sent from the Lord above. I prayed for guidance and my prayers were answered. She is very professional and personable; I felt like she was part of the family. I actually felt sad when the time was dwindling down, because we had grown to know and love her. She kicked our butt so to speak, in the sense of ensuring we made all deadlines on time. She had us all organized. She also gave Aszia a sense of self confidence that she will take with her for the rest of her life; in her quest to become a surgeon. I want to say "Thank You", Ms. Robinson! I cannot "Thank You" enough. From the entire Burrell Family, We could not have done it without you! Much success...

~Burrel Family

Mia Coward

Class of 2011

Graduate of Bennett College for Women

I first met Ms. Regina during my junior year when I went on her 2010 HBCU college tour; where we visited nine colleges. After attending the tour I went on to complete the Suited 4 Success College Preparatory summer college admissions boot camp and senior program. Ms. Robinson worked with me to research and visit schools, improved my essay and writing skills, as well as helped me make informed decisions. I have never met someone so determined to help children succeed and become great men and women. The endless hours she spent to help me is something I can never repay her. I am thankful for her patience, understanding, and the love she poured into my life. Ms. Robinson thank you for being a huge influence in my life as I prepare to attend Bennett College.

~Mia Coward


Ms. Regina Robinson is a very special person. She has made my daughter’s journey to college much easier. I met Ms. Regina two years ago when my daughter went on her first college tour with Suited 4 Success. That was the beginning of a lasting friendship. Since then we have spent hours and days preparing for my daughter to go to college. Ms. Robinson strength and positive demeanor made my struggles easier to handle. She has encouraged my daughter to aim high, focus and stay committed. I want to thank Ms. Regina for her patience, guidance and help through the rough times, of pushing my daughter to do what needed to be done to complete her essays, apply for colleges, scholarships and patiently wait to receive her acceptance letters. Ms. Regina has become a permanent part of our family.

~McCrimmon Family

Micha Green

Class of 2009

Graduate of Fordham University

Applying to college can be one of the most challenging experiences in a teenager's life. People will always tell you not to stress, but sometimes it seems unavoidable with all the paperwork, essays, auditions/ interviews, and application fees. Quite honestly, most of the time I felt very overwhelmed. Ms. Robinson and Suited 4 Success helped me throughout the whole college application process. She helped me organize all my papers, made sure that I prioritized my work, met the necessary deadlines, reviewed my essays, and of course she continuously supported me with her words of encouragement and great advice. Once college acceptances began rolling in, I had a hard decision to make. Ms. Robinson sat down with me and helped me weigh the pros and cons for each of my colleges so that I could make the best decision. I am now in New York City at Fordham University majoring in theatre.

~Micha Green

Lynnesha Crump

Class of 2009

Graduate of Oberlin College

I must say my senior year in High School and the whole "College Process" was one of the most difficult times in my life. I had to complete essays, forms, financial aid, SAT's and FAFSA, I could go on and on. As a "First Generation Student", I had no guidance because no one in my family had ever attended college or experienced the process. Mrs. Robinson stepped in and became a big influence in my life. She and I went over every single thing during the process; she gave me feedback and suggestions on my essays, helped me complete my forms and invited me to her house for extra assistance. She even worked with my mom to complete the Financial Aid process. Suited 4 Success gives students like me a chance to believe that anything is possible. If it wasn’t for the S4S program I don't think I would be where I am today!! I am currently attending Oberlin Conservatory and I am happy with my decision. Suited 4 Success is the best thing that happened to me! Thank you.

~Lynnesha Crump

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