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Experience The Journey With Our Families

Success Stories

Get to know our families and discover how Suited 4 Success can assist your student.

Suited 4 Success is an excellent program that assists high school students with the college application process. Before I was introduced to the program, I was really nervous about my senior year being overwhelmed with homework, projects, and my grades; on top of the college process. It was scary preparing for the SAT and ACT all while researching colleges and their prerequisites. I was so stressed, until Ms. Robinson stepped in and helped me stay on track; she relieved much stress for both me and my parents. We communicated almost every day during the process. She helped me on my applications, essays, and even on the ACT and SAT. I honestly do not believe I would have gotten into my first choice college High Point Unvieristy without her help. The best decision I ever made was joining the Suited 4 Success Program, and I truly believe it can help any student who needs help and wants to have a bright and successful future. 

Christina Robinson, Class of 2014

Suited 4 Success is the greatest companion you could have when going through the college application process.  The process can be extremely daunting and stressful navigating through countless college profiles to locate the school where your child will thrive and be successful requires concentrated effort and an investment of hours of research.  With busy school and work schedules, having hours upon hours of time to devote solely to this endeavor was a luxury that we just did not have. With Ms. Robinson at the helm, the Suited 4 Success team simplified and distressed our adventure through the college and scholarship application process, or should I say “the essay nightmare” process. Do not be misled, commitment, effort and input from the student and parent are required, but in the end Suited 4 Success proved to be an invaluable resource throughout the entire process.  It was like being handed gifts all along the way.  I am positive that without the help of the Suited 4 Success team, we would not be as confident about our final college choice where we know Christina will thrive and be successful. WE LOVE MS. ROBINSON & SUITED 4 SUCCESS!!!

Robinson Family, Parent of Christina Robinson

The Suited 4 Success program is one of the most helpful educational programs I have ever been enrolled in. I would recommend the program to all high school students in the United States. The program is run by one of the most positive, patient and caring women I have ever met, Ms. Regina Robinson. Ms. Regina helps over 100+ high school students yearly prepare for college life. Being a part of the program since my junior year; I learned new test taking strategies, organization and the importance of being ready. I cannot thank Ms. Regina enough for everything she has done; she is the best!

Tyler Green, Class of 2014

The Suited 4 Success program is AWESOME!!!! My son has always known he was going to attend college but didn’t quite understand the process. Ms. Regina walked him through everything; SAT/ACT registrations, college essays, resume building and college research and applications. When I say EVERYTHING I mean EVERYTHING!!!  Her attention to details and dedication to excellence ensured that my son met all of his college and personal goals. As a parent, you can become overwhelmed; but Ms. Regina walked me through it all and provided valuable information in the financial aid process, scholarships and more. As a parent, you want the best for your child and the Suited 4 Success program is the BEST!!!

LaTasha Green, Parent of Tyler Green

I am very thankful for everything I learned in Suited 4 Success. Being forced to write some of my essays for college in the summer boot camp really cut down some of the stress I felt when applying for scholarships. I felt that any question I needed answered was able to get answered. Ms. Robinson was extremely accessible when it came to revising my essays. I would recommend Suited 4 Success to any rising senior in a heartbeat. Thank you for everything Ms. Robinson in the fall I will be heading to Howard University!

Domonique Gay, Class of 2013

I can’t say enough for the professionalism that Ms. Robinson has displayed in aiding and guiding my daughter through this college application phase of her young life.  She made it her point to be available whenever Domonique ran into a small road block. I want to be very clear here that Ms. Robinson did not do any of the essays that were required for each college or scholarship application for my daughter nor did I expect her to do it. She made my daughter accountable for meeting deadlines (something that we as parents know very well). There is so many positive items that I could say about this program but it will fill up this whole page. If you are a parent and wondering if you should invest your time or money in this program – Just realize I was where you are now months ago and I am ecstatic that I made the decision and I know you will too. I would like to personally thank you Ms. Robinson for all that you have done for our family. 

Les Gay Jr, Parent of Domonique Gay

I am so blessed to have found a flyer in my school for Suited 4 Success. Every college preparatory program Suited 4 Success offered prepared me for; college essays, deadlines, SAT/ACT testing, scholarships, the application process and college visits. Ms. Robinson’s calls and emails played a huge part in keeping me organized. With Ms. Robinson’s help and support, I will be attending my top school on a full ride in the fall; Tennessee State University.

Kiara Williams, Class of 2013

My experiences with Suited 4 Success through their college tours, summer boot camp and senior one-on-one counseling sessions was very positive. Ms. Robinson worked with my granddaughter from beginning to end. Ms. Robinson has high expectations for our children’s potential and will not settle for less. When Ms. Robinson nominated Kiara for the Harlem Renaissance scholarship and she was awarded $1,000.00, Kiara was ecstatic. No amount of accolades would do Ms. Robinson justice for the commitment and compassion she has for her program and our children.

James Akridge, Parent of Kiara Williams

What an amazing experience we have had working with Suited 4 Success.  Ms. Robinson worked with my daughter from the beginning to the end of the entire process with;  college applications, follow-up with SAT and ACT test dates, and final college selection.  She took the time to get to know my daughter, and developed a method of working with her that was comfortable and productive.  My daughter loved the whole experience, enough to write her college application essay on her experience with Ms. Robinson.  Even after the college acceptances were in, she continued to assist us in making the final decision to attend University of Maryland College Park. She is just what I think college-bound teens need. I highly recommend Suited 4 Success; I don’t know how we would have made it without her.

Hayes Family, Class of 2013

I have a history of struggling with procrastination and my writing skills. Ms. Robinson has helped me overcome my challenges and many more. I was able to be accepted to eight colleges and universities. Ultimately, it was very difficult to make a final decision on which college I wanted to attend but came to the decision to enroll in Virginia Commonwealth University to study Graphic Design. Her services were comforting and very appealing for all high school students. I would recommend Suited 4 Success to any student who plans to attend college in the future or even those who may start their career early.

Brandon Shields, Class of 2013

I would have been lost without Ms. Robinson; she truly knows her stuff! The Suited 4 Success program helped me come to a conclusion in choosing the right fit college and major. From the beginning of my experience I could see that everything was extremely structured and I was not just a number. I was given step-by-step personal sessions on what I needed to do in the application process. The program opened my eyes to a multitude of institutions through research and college visits. Ms. Robinson helped me not only in find a school, but a home. In the fall I will attend Frostburg State University with a major in Athletic Training. Thank you, Ms. Robinson! I appreciate everything that Suited 4 Success offered me!

Barry Raynor, Class of 2012

Let me first say that I would not have been able to get through this process without the Suited 4 Success program. Ms. Robinson guided our family step by step through the college admissions process. My son participated in the following S4S programs: college tours, summer college admissions boot camp and the senior counseling program. These programs allowed him to be ahead of the game. Ms. Robinson views and treats all the students as her own. She lends her support to both the parents and students beyond all expectations. Ms. Robinson is very passionate about the information and service she provides her family and community. I cannot give Ms. Robinson enough accolades about her services. I strongly recommend her services to everyone.

Ardis Belton, Parent of Barry Raynor

My experience with the Suited 4 Success College Preparatory program was one of the best. Ms. Robinson was always so helpful and very adamant about me ceasing all opportunities. Ms. Robinson’s transparency about her alumni; which was the same college I always wanted to attend was very helpful. Even though I was not accepted, she taught me there were other college environments that would suit me. Therefore, I will be attending Trinity Washington University in the fall with 97% in scholarships and grants. Without Ms. Robinson assistance, I would not have accomplished this much. I thank God for her because she really is a helpful and loving spirit that loves to see students excel. I would recommend her services to everyone. Thank You Ms. Robinson for walking with me and guiding me! Love you!

Aszia Burrell, Class of 2012

I want to first elaborate on my experience as a parent of the Suited 4 Success program. Ms. Robinson was sent from the Lord above. I prayed for guidance and my prayers were answered. She is very professional and personable; I felt like she was part of the family. I actually felt sad when the time was dwindling down, because we had grown to know and love her. She kicked our butt so to speak, in the sense of ensuring we made all deadlines on time. She had us all organized. She also gave Aszia a sense of self confidence that she will take with her for the rest of her life; in her quest to become a surgeon. I want to say "Thank You", Ms. Robinson! I cannot "Thank You" enough. From the entire Burrell Family, We could not have done it without you! Much success...

Mr. Mrs. Burrell, Parent of Aszia Burrell

I first met Ms. Regina during my junior year when I went on her 2010 HBCU college tour; where we visited nine colleges. After attending the tour I went on to complete the Suited 4 Success College Preparatory summer college admissions boot camp and senior program. Ms. Robinson worked with me to research and visit schools, improved my essay and writing skills, as well as helped me make informed decisions. I have never met someone so determined to help children succeed and become great men and women. The endless hours she spent to help me is something I can never repay her. I am thankful for her patience, understanding, and the love she poured into my life. Ms. Robinson thank you for being a huge influence in my life as I prepare to attend Bennett College.

Mia Coward, Class of 2011

Ms. Regina Robinson is a very special person. She has made my daughter’s journey to college much easier. I met Ms. Regina two years ago when my daughter went on her first college tour with Suited 4 Success. That was the beginning of a lasting friendship. Since then we have spent hours and days preparing for my daughter to go to college. Ms. Robinson strength and positive demeanor made my struggles easier to handle. She has encouraged my daughter to aim high, focus and stay committed. I want to thank Ms. Regina for her patience, guidance and help through the rough times, of pushing my daughter to do what needed to be done to complete her essays, apply for colleges, scholarships and patiently wait to receive her acceptance letters. Ms. Regina has become a permanent part of our family.

Rochelle McCrimmon, Parent of Mia Coward

Applying to college can be one of the most challenging experiences in a teenager's life. People will always tell you not to stress, but sometimes it seems unavoidable with all the paperwork, essays, auditions/ interviews, and application fees. Quite honestly, most of the time I felt very overwhelmed. Ms. Robinson and Suited 4 Success helped me throughout the whole college application process. She helped me organize all my papers, made sure that I prioritized my work, met the necessary deadlines, reviewed my essays, and of course she continuously supported me with her words of encouragement and great advice. Once college acceptances began rolling in, I had a hard decision to make. Ms. Robinson sat down with me and helped me weigh the pros and cons for each of my colleges so that I could make the best decision. I am now in New York City at Fordham University majoring in theatre.

Micha Green, Class of 2009

I must say my senior year in High School and the whole "College Process" was one of the most difficult times in my life. I had to complete essays, forms, financial aid, SAT's and FAFSA, I could go on and on. As a "First Generation Student", I had no guidance because no one in my family had ever attended college or experienced the process. Mrs. Robinson stepped in and became a big influence in my life. She and I went over every single thing during the process; she gave me feedback and suggestions on my essays, helped me complete my forms and invited me to her house for extra assistance. She even worked with my mom to complete the Financial Aid process. Suited 4 Success gives students like me a chance to believe that anything is possible. If it wasn’t for the S4S program I don't think I would be where I am today!! I am currently attending Oberlin Conservatory and I am happy with my decision. Suited 4 Success is the best thing that happened to me! Thank you.

Lynnesha Crump, Class of 2009

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