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College Bound Programs

2020 & 2021

VIP College Bound Program


Our VIP College Bound Program utilizes multiple resources including but not limited to; our college bound access program, resource books, articles, and websites, reading material, homework, assignments, phone calls, social media, email, live visits, the internet, people, affiliates, partners, applications, case studies, questionnaires, completing assigned task, keeping scheduled appointments, assessment and profling tools.

Benefits and Bonuses You Will Receive:

Private, Small Group, LIVE, One-On-One, Coaching Sessions. You get access to our team in an incredible coaching session Thinking, Creating and Working for YOU! You will have our attention to help your student focus on successfully navigating the college admissions process.

FREE family access to our College Access Database College Planner Pro – houses every four year college in the United States.

One-on-One Pre-Scheduled Coaching calls. Calls are pre-scheduled to keep you on track and hold you accountable.

Initial Family Consultation (parent and student survey). During our session a roadmap will be created to assist the student in successfully navigating the college admissions process.

Emergency Calls or Text Messages with our team where we coach you through challenges that arise.

Bonuses: FREE Admissions to our upcoming SAT/ACT Practice Test throughout the school year

During each session we will guide you through the necessary steps in the college admissions process by utilizing our five step blueprint to Winning The Game Of College Admissions which includes but not limited to…

  • Assist families in understanding their student's academic profile

  • Assist students in navigating through the 4000+ colleges down to a preliminary list to a final

  • list of 5-7 colleges – to ensure student creates a well-rounded college list

  • Assist students in creating an academic resume

  • Assist students in creating a recommendation request

  • Assist and review students in completing college applications

  • Assist students in crafting a unique essay from start to finish for college applications and scholarships

  • Assist students in determining which test (SAT or ACT) best suits their testing needs after review of  practice or official testing scores

  • Assist families in completing the FAFSA

  • Assist families in creating a road-map to visiting college campuses

  • Assist families in communicating with their high school guidance counselor

  • Assist students in making a final decision on choosing the right fit school they can call home for the next four years

Client Responsibilities

You will provide full and honest information to me. It is a must that we have brutally honest dialogue. Your coach can’t coach what you don’t share.

You agree to be available by phone, virtual and in person for all scheduled meeting times. If you miss a scheduled session it will not be made up.

You agree to participate in the System of Discovery, a two way exchange of information and ideas.

You agree not to work with any other coaches as the process we provide is much more extensive than a normal coaching program, therefore you will respect my time and commitment to resources to help you achieve your desired outcome.

We expect your BEST at all times. We expect you to give 100% in your educational process, NO EXCUSES ALLOWED! ALL EXCUSES END NOW

You are solely responsible for your college results. You must put into action the strategies, resources and tips provided to you. We want to see you succeed. YOU MUST TAKE MASSIVE ACTION


Client can ensure S4S will recommend a “Mastermind;” of vendors who are highly talented and skilled in what they do as needed ex…test prep, tutoring, etc..

S4S guarantees Client full ownership and anonymity of their personal information as it relates to the college admissions process.

Once you receive information from your coach, you now have it forever. The information you receive during this term is the intellectual property of Regina Robinson Enterprises, LLC - Suited 4 Success. You must make every effort and attempt to apply the techniques, resources, and strategies you were given.


You cannot apply, use, sell, distribute, market or teach any of the techniques, resources, and strategies you were given. Improper use of this intellectual property will cause Regina Robinson Enterprises, LLC - Suited 4 Success irreparable harm.

Program Investment & Payment Schedule

It’s going to cost you $20k to $80k per year for your student to attend college if you enroll him or her in our programs and follow our proven college planning system that $20k - $80k can drop to the equivalent of our fees + books. Would you rather pay the college between $80k - $320k over the next four years or invest in enrolling him or her in one of our programs.


VIP College Bound Program Investment

Class 2020

Pay In Full

One Time Investment of



10- Monthly Payments

10- Monthly Payments


Class 2021

Pay In Full

One Time Investment of


Rising Freshman & Sophomore

10- Monthly Payments


10- Monthly Payments
10- Monthly Payments

15- Monthly Payments


15-Monthly Payments


We have a No Refund policy. Once you sign our Contract Agreement and it becomes valid you are NOT entitled to any refunds of deposits or payments made. If you decide to forfeit your services and not complete the agreed upon session the balance is still owed in full.

College Bound Membership program

Why A College Bound Mentor?

Getting your child into a top college will require new strategies and mentorship. 

Having a mentor will afford your child the confidence and direction to navigate their academic career. Do you have a 9th, 10th or 11th grader? If you answered Yes, don’t stop here click below to find out information about our College Bound Mentor Program. 

Join The Membership Program

College Bound Boot Camp Rising Seniors

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