2022 College Tour

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Sunday, April 10, 2022 - Wednesday, April 13, 2022

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Suited 4 Success successfully runs yearly college tours along the East Coast. Our goal is to allow students to visit colleges and universities so they can learn first-hand from admissions counselors and students what each school has to offer.

The tour allows students to step out of their comfort zone, network with their peers, get a glimpse of what college life is like, and meet face-to-face with college recruiters and student ambassadors.


Some Advantages of attending a college tour:

  • Gain exposure to college life

  • Meet face-to-face with admissions counselors

  • On Spot Admissions at select schools - Senior's Only

  • Discover the pro's and con's from current students

  • The opportunity to explore the difference between a small, medium and large school 

Total $525

Rules & Regulations

Suited 4 Success will provide a safe and exciting learning experience through our College Tours. We adhere to strict discipline procedures. Every individual and situation is unique so the staff will handle each situation accordingly. However we do adhere to guidelines:

Fighting – Is not tolerated or accepted. If participants get into an altercation they will immediately be sent home on the next available public bus at the expense of their parents (without a refund).

We will provide a safe environment for all participants, granting them the opportunity to make an adult aware of a situation before it escalates to an altercation.

Profanity – will not be tolerated nor accepted during the course of the trip. Students are to show respect at all times not only for themselves, but towards their peers and every adult.

Disrespect – is not tolerated or accepted. If a participant is disrespectful in any way they will be sent home on the next available public bus at the expense of their parents (without a refund).

Cell phone / I-Pod Usage – Students are not allowed to listen to their I-pods or use their cell phones while visiting college campuses. During the bus ride, students will respect their neighbor and listen to their music at a volume they can only hear. We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.

Dress Code
Student must adhere to professional dress code at all times during the college tour

Photo/Video Release

Students and Parents are required to grant permission to Suited 4 Success, its representatives and employees the right to take photographs and video of the student and the property in connection with the Journey to Success College Tour. They are required to authorize Suited 4 Success, its assigns and transferees to copyright, use and publish the same in print and/or electronically.

Student and Parents are required to agree that Suited 4 Success may use such photographs of the students with or without their names and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as promotion, illustration, advertising, and Web content.

Check this page monthly for any changes or updates to the college tour


Female Attire

Slacks or Khakis (absolutely no leggings or jeans)

Button down Shirt or blouse (no cleavage)

Comfortable shoes (absolutely no sneakers/tennis shoes)

Absolutely no baggy jeans, sneakers, ripped tees, or shirts that reveal body parts.

Male Attire

Slacks or Khakis (absolutely no leggings or jeans)


Sweater or Vest, Button down or polo shirt

Comfortable shoes or all black Nike boots (absolutely no sneakers/tennis shoes)
Absolutely no baggy jeans, sneakers, ripped tees, or shirts that reveal body parts.


Jaelyn Swan

2015 HBCU College Tour

I instantly fell in love with the North Carolina A&T campus as soon as I  got off the bus. Their campus creates an environment that instantly feels like home. This college has a total of 90 undergraduate majors and over 90% of the students go on to continue their education within a PHD program. In my eyes, this signifies that they are teaching students the importance of higher education. What caught my eye is that A&T has Marketing as a major in the School of Business and Economics. It is also a medium size school with an average class size ratio of  23 students to 1 professor. If you're interested in applying like I am, visit www.undergradadmissions.ncat.edu to apply. This is the largest campus I’ve seen thus far and it felt inviting. After this tour, North Carolina A&T is highly ranked on my list.

Mathew Morton

2015 HBCU College Tour

It was exctiting to share this experience with high school students from all over as we travelled up and down the east coast to visit colleges. We were informed about important information on each school; such as their AP/SAT/ACT scores. We got the opportunity to visit dorms and classrooms which was very important to me. This allowed me to view the campus environment where I could be living and learning for the next 4 years. The student ambassador gave us a tour of what college life was like on each campus. I found all the tours to be extremely helpful in narrowing down my list of colleges. Overall it was a great experience and I definitely recommend all students go on a college tour. 


Ahnyah Phillips

2015 HBCU College Tour

My first HBCU college tour was amazing. It opened my eyes to new things and new environments. I’ve always known that I wanted to attend an out of state school so I was automatically interested in all the schools we visited. The schools were located in Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia. After the tour I came home knowing exactly what to look for in deciding what school fits my interests. Now I have settled into my top three choices. I would highly recommended that all students attend this HBCU college tour experience. Especially Juniors!


Lana Shellman

2015 HBCU College Tour

This college tour was a great experience. I was so focused on certain schools, that it never crossed my mind to expand my choices. Now I have a couple of schools in mind that I wasn't thinking about prior to attending this trip. Going on this trip has effectively  impacted my decision making process. I would encourage any and everyone to attend this trip.


Jaida King

2015 HBCU College Tour

I enjoyed every tour that we came across. Each school was fairly different. Some schools were small, some were large, and some were in the middle. Most of the schools that we toured had fairly small classes, which I prefer than large classes. I would love to go on more college tours like these to learn more about different colleges in hopes to expand my choices.

Khadija O'Garro

2015 HBCU College Tour

This college tour was very attention grabbing. I got to meet new people in different areas of the school, such as students, tour guides, and successful college scholars. It was great to interact with people and learn their different personalities. You learn so much about the colleges and yourself when you retain the information about what colleges expect. I want to continue to strive for excellence and to work hard for the next phase of my academic career. This college tour has been a great in helping me choose a major, college, and career field. I encourage all upcoming juniors and seniors to participate because those two years of high school are the breaking points.


Naomi Moore

2015 HBCU College Tour

Out of all of the amazing tours, I enjoyed Hampton University the most. I've decided that if I don't major in criminal justice, I would do business. Hampton offers a 5 year Business program where you graduate with your bachelors and masters degree! I find that extremely beneficial that they would offer that program because it is very time saving and the more education ther better. I really enjoyed Virginia State University as well. They have both of my majors I am interested in pursuing. The Campus environment has a more urban feel to it and everyone seems very much connected to one another. The admissions representative was all about opportunity and safety, which made me feel safe and comforable in knowing  that she cares.


My overall experience on the HBCU college tour was inspirational and a great opportunity. I encourage anyone to go. It really opens your eyes to new people, places, and environments. This tour is also a good way to NETWORK! Networking is key.


Mundi Ibemsi

2015 HBCU College Tour

Suited 4 Success’ HBCU College tour was a great experience and one that I will never forget. During the beginning of the tour, I was very nervous and since I didn’t know anyone, I kept to myself. As the tour went on and I had more chances to interact with the students, I opened up a bit more. The tours of the different HBCU's were very exciting and each institution stood out in its own way. My goal for this trip which was to get a feel for each school and decide on the college/university I would be interested into going to. Due to these very descriptive and helpful college tours, I was able to accomplish that goal. North Carolina A&T and Virginia State University fulfilled all of my wishes. Also, the hotels that we stayed in during this trip were very nice and professional. Which ironically worked well with the vibe the tour wanted to leave you with. I’m very grateful for our chaperones and Suited 4 Success for providing this trip and taking care of us the entire time.

P.S. Don’t go to sleep really late or you are going to really regret it in the morning.


Isaiah Leeper

2015 HBCU College Tour

In terms of this overall experience, I think it did a great job in expanding my perceptions about college while actually experiencing what living on your own is like. Minus the wake up calls and the restaurant-like food, this trip taught me on what it’s like to budget myself. Sleeping with roommates you've never met and keeping track of your responsibilities wer great challenges practiced during this trip. Visiting the colleges actually opens your eyes to how you can save money and get scholarships on the things you are already doing; like academics or being social. Lastly, on this trip I got to see exactly how colleges operate with their buildings and staff. Also, please note that some or maybe all of HBCU’s will not be guaranteed towards your interest but helps to know where you stand. In my opinion,  this is probably the most important realization that I’ve made thus far.

Christian Mason

2015 HBCU College Tour

The college tour cleared any and all stereotypes I had about HBCU colleges. The experience is very different from the usual everyday life of a High School student. The tours were informative and given by the best the campus had to offer. The tour allowed you to meet and form bonds with new people. You recieve plenty of opportunities to share your input and opinion with people like yourself. The tour opened my eyes and helped me form a base for what I look for in a school.

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