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College Bound Programs

Suited 4 Success works with students from 8th-12th grade providing them with step-by-step guidance through the college admissions process. Working with Suited 4 Success you will receive a professional atmosphere where discussions focus on the student’s strengths and weaknesses, interests, needs and educational goals. Suited 4 Success offers several programs designed to meet the needs of the college-bound student. Prior to the start of our programs Suited 4 Success will meet with families during an Initial Consultation to discuss your students college goals, assess their current personal snapshot including transcripts, standardized testing, and extra-curricular activities, and discuss the basic steps in the college selection and application process and how we can help. If you decide on a comprehensive program, the initial consultation fee will be credited towards one of our comprehensive programs. A follow-up written report will be provided that summarizes what was discussed at the meeting and includes a list of recommendations for the upcoming months.

VIP College Bound Program

Class of 2024, 2025 & 2026



As a member of HECA, I strictly adhere to their ethical guidelines. I do not guarantee admission to any institution, nor do I accept fees from any individual or institution for placement of a student. I do not write the essays for the students. I do not guarantee any scholarship money will be awarded. I do guarantee that I have the students’ best interest at heart and will guide them through the process with sound advice.



All information pertaining to you, your student, and your family is maintained in the strictest confidence. This includes personal information, college selections, standardized test scores, grades, application materials, financial status, and fees paid. 

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